Miranda Lambert Helps Rescue More Than 70 Dogs In Just One Day During The Devastation Of Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey has caused devastating effects in Texas this week, and amongst the many troubles, there are many dogs abandoned from the devastation. Singer Miranda Lambert, has decided to help, and as an animal lover devoted to rescuing dogs, she is on a rescue mission to help these pups in their time of need.

The singer and her mother, Bev, founded the MuttNation Foundation in 2009 and now their organization is helping the stranded pets in Houston and getting them out of harm’s way. “Thx to some amazing transportation volunteers, we sent over 70 pups to a shelter in OK today. Rigs now rolling into Houston for another load”, Lambert wrote alongside her Twitter post.

While Miranda may be the face of the foundation, with her face even shown on the sides of some of the buses, Miranda is not the focus of attention for the foundation’s mission. Rather, the hope is to help thousands of animals in need of shelter. She is even making her home a shelter for these dogs, with one dog giving birth and Miranda keeping the puppies as her “roommates” for the night.


Miranda has posted the work of MuttNation on several media platforms, reaching out to her fans who can help these dogs and help raise money for supplies the animals need while out of the Houston area. Asking for supplies such as paper towels, dog treats, cat litter and fleece blankets, Miranda has expressed to her fans via social media that they can help by either dropping off the supplies at several different addresses listed or make cash donations that will go towards these supplies.

In just one day, Miranda and her team were able to brave the weather to rescue 72 dogs in Harris County and transported them to dry and safe shelters across the country.