NFL Player Spends Thousands To Take Kids For Fun Day


Summer has just begun, which means it is time to get out those swim trunks and take every opportunity to cool down in the water. A couple thousand California kids will soon find their way to a nearby waterpark thanks to the generosity of NFL Pro Bowler Marshawn Lynch.

It has been a couple of years since Marshawn Lynch stepped on the football field, but the former Seattle Seahawks running back will be back in action this season with the Oakland Raiders. Lynch might have taken a break from football, but has continued his charitable ways. Wednesday evening, Lynch announced that he would be giving away 2,000 tickets to Raging Waters in San Jose, CA, the area’s largest waterpark. Tickets were given away from his Beast Mode store in Oakland in what is sure to help warm him up to the Bay Area’s youth.

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At $28.99 a pop, Lynch’s generosity will total $58,000 worth of tickets. This should not be an issue for Lynch, fresh off signing a $9 million per year contract with the Raiders. Lynch is from Oakland and takes pride in working with local kids through his philanthropy. His waterpark generosity is only one of a few things he has done since coming to home to Oakland. He recently offered free haircuts to kids that received good grades. If they showed up to the Beast Mode store with their report card and an average of 3.00 or above, they could get a free cut. For over a decade, he has also hosted the “Fam 1st Family Youth Football Camp,” a free clinic for underprivileged kids.

Lynch’s cousin and current Seahawks safety said, “When he comes back home, he’s genuine, he’s real. For kids looking up to him, for me looking up to him, we see it’s possible to get out of Oakland and do something positive.”