You Won’t Believe This Secret About The Secret Service


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The Secret Service. Who are they? What do they really do? What do they hide? Ever thought of joining the organization or learning more about it? This article glimpses into the world of the Secret Service and what goes on behind the scenes of their day-to-day work lives. The Secret Service has two distinct areas of responsibility. First being, everything to do with financial crimes; such as preventing and investigating U.S. counterfeit money, fraud and treasury issues.

Their other area of expertise is one that we might be more aware of, and that being: protection. This type of protection is reserved for current and past national leaders and their families, that being the President, past Presidents, Vice Presidents, presidential candidates, visiting heads of state, and foreign embassies.

The Secret Service is regularly seen around the President, but rarely heard from. They act as bodyguards and intelligence agents, as a key mission to their job. Since initially being in charge of U.S. treasury and counterfeit, their job evolved into the protection side of things, with domestic and counter intelligence. Any threats whatsoever to the President of the United States, is the responsibility of the Secret Service.

We can usually spot Secret Service agents by the attire and body language. They try to dress to blend in, and some do wear civilian clothes, but a Secret Service Agent will usually wear a conservative suit and have their earpiece. You also get the undercover agents who you would never guess were even associated with the organization. However, it is always interesting to find out what really happens, what the Secret Service try to hide from us and why. Here we also uncover the secrets behind the organization and what they really think of their jobs and the President that they are protecting.