As They Started To Pose They Noticed Someone In The Background…


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After one family packed up their car looking forward to the adventure ahead, the father decided to mark the occasion with a selfie. However, as everyone posed for the photo, they spotted someone hiding in the back of the vehicle that made their spines tingle with fear. The Richter family started off their their family holiday with a classic selfie, but none of them knew what was ahead when snapping that special moment. It’s the time of the year that everyone looks forward to and count down to during the year. Sometimes kids go to summer camp, and other families opt to rather spend the summer together and use all the free time to bond and have fun. The Richters had that all planned, but it might not have turned out as expected.

We are all familiar with getting ready to pack up the family, hit the road and spent the summer experiencing new memories, special bonding time with each other, documenting all of their adventures in pictures, whether on their phones or professional cameras. Of course, as we grow older, it becomes more challenging to have every one in the family come together and attend the annual big summer vacation. The Richter were doing just that, getting ready to start their summer and they definitely started it off on the right note.

Erik Richter, dad of the Richter family got his selfie game on and began to take a photo. Everyone piled into the family van and pulled out his cellphone to take a photo – but no one could’ve guess what would pop up in the background. Needless to say, everyone in the car were totally shocked and at first had no idea how to even react. The Richter’s summer vacation now took on a whole new spin and started off with quite the bang.