These Senseless Thanksgiving Blunders Will Make You Laugh


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Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year. It is not surprising that many people would agree with this, as the holiday centers around eating succulent turkey smothered in gravy, sweet mashed potatoes with toasted marshmallows, and creamy mashed potatoes. Not to mention, of course, all this delicious food is washed down with a cold, bubbly all-American beer. People are so stuffed afterward it is hard to roll yourself to the couch to watch the game. However, not everyone is a master chef, and there have been huge blunders in the kitchen which we show here.

If you learn one thing from these hilarious Thanksgiving blunders, its that reading directions is a key to success in the kitchen and in life. Other misfires by people include eyebrow-raising costumes and gut-busting misspellings. The holiday has been a staple of life in America since the pilgrims and Native Americans got together to break cornbread. The states used to celebrate the holiday at different times, until in 1863 President Lincoln declared that it would be on the last Thursday of every November. This was all due to the constant pressing of political activist Sarah Josepha Hale, who spent 40 years nudging politicians to make the holiday official and uniform.

Thanksgiving is not only celebrated in America, but also in Canada, although they celebrate a month early, on the second Monday of every October. This is on account of their winter starting earlier. Strangely enough, the holiday is also celebrated in Liberia, as former slaves who moved back to Africa brought the tradition with them. These hilarious Thanksgiving fails will have you in tears, and make you thankful that you are not the poor souls in these photos with ruined potatoes, burnt turkeys, and silly costumes. Take a look and get ready to gobble with laughter!