The Makings of a Luxury Bathroom


The average bathroom is usually far from luxury. In an effort to add more space to other rooms in the house, bathrooms are usually designed to be quite small. They also consist of little detail and average lighting when compared to a bedroom or living room. These aspects are in complete contrast to what makes a luxury bathroom. Luxury bathroom usually spacious and uncluttered. Luxury bathrooms are often the same size as bedrooms. Even if they aren’t they create a spacious appearance by giving the room a monochromatic color palette.

One of the biggest staples of luxury bathrooms are natural elements to line the floors and walls. Consider some granite, teak, river rock or marble. They are all from nature and completely luxury.

Another important aspect to luxury bathroom is lighting. Natural lighting is a must when it comes to luxury. You’ll often see a bathroom with a wall of windows. If you are blessed with large windows and no neighbors, consider leaving things wide open. If this isn’t an option, thin curtains that will let in as much natural light as possible can work as a substitute.When natural lighting isn’t an options, light fixtures that can copy the effects of natural lighting are always on sale.

It’s also important to keep fine texture in mind. Consider how nice it’d feel to place your foot on some natural stone or to have nice sheepskin rug waiting for you to step on when you get out of the shower. Consider a silk bathroom curtain and things of this sort. Texture create a mood. Your bathroom’s texture can make for an intimate and warm environment or a cold one.

A luxury bathroom is very much about detail. Think of candles, a small statue or a few well placed books. Details will personalize your bathroom and give it character. Life a bedroom or a living room, details will make the room an extension of yourself.