Anonymous Woman Leaves Fire Fighters Stunned After Paying Their Bill


After over one hundred crew members spent more than four hours trying to put out the “La Cadena” fire, one woman decided to carry out an act of kindness to let them know how much their effort was appreciated.

Sitting at a Denny’s restaurant in Colton, California, an anonymous woman told the waitress that she would be picking up the $355.22 tab the firefighters had.


The City of Colton Fire Department used its Facebook page to share the unbelievable act. They wrote the following: “After all of the firefighters finished fighting the La Cadena Fire in La Loma Hills this evening, they were sent to Denny’s for dinner. While eating, an anonymous woman told the Denny’s staff that she wanted to buy all of the firefighter’s meals.”


Not only did this woman generous pay for about 25 firefighters’ meals at once, but she also wanted to assure the crewmen will be treated to something particularly tasty that would sweeten up their bitter day. Therefore, she added another $100 to pay off for desserts that would be served to the table as soon as they were done eating.

As though all of this was not enough, the kind woman made sure to toss in extra cash for the tip – $50, to be exact – just to be on the safe side that both the restaurant diners and employees will not leave feeling unsatisfied.


The Colton Fire Department not only thanked the woman, who was so humble about her actions she chose to remain unnamed, but also had an important message they wanted to carry on – that kindness goes a long way. That simple gesture may not have seemed that big of a deal to the woman who did it, but to the men who protect us on a daily basis, it meant the world.