Youngest Female To Ever Climb Kilimanjoro Is A Medical Miracle


A hike up a 19,431 feet mountain is a hard enough task as it is, but it even more arduous for 8-year-old Roxy and her brother Ben, who is only two years older than her.

Both Ben and Roxy Getter were both born with a hereditary heart disease their parents feared would disable them from acting like normal kids their age, but little did dear old mom and dad know their kids are anything but ordinary, regardless of their physical limitation.

Only one year older than the current record-holder for the youngest climber to reach the peak of climb Mount Kilimanjaro – the monumental Keats Boyd – Roxy decided this was one goal she was not willing to leave unticked on her bucket list.

After successfully completing day one of the ascend, Roxy recorded a video in which she is heard expressing how difficult the climb was:

“I made it up and that was hard. I was so tired. I could barely even walk.”


Originally from Florida, the two siblings made their way to the mountain with the support and most utter respect from their mother, Sarah Getter. Although not your typical overprotective mother, Sarah signed off on her children’s latest daredevil desire, but there was no way she wasn’t joining in on the fun:

“They were amazing. They did not complain. They just kept going one step in front of the other. They actually kept us going, I think with their positive attitude,” Sarah said proudly of her two children. “When we got to the top, we just started tearing up. They were in front of us walking, and we both just held hands.”


To properly prepare for the hike, the Getter family would climb up and down the stairs at various stadium and parks around their home. Apparently, they used to live in Arizona prior to moving to Florida, where the Getter four would frequently go on hiking trips. This recent trip to Tanzania, Africa was only the first of many more to come, promised Roxy.

Since Roxy and Ben had a history of heart condition, they had to be cleared by a cardiologist before starting this record-breaking trek, but all turned out for the best despite the difficulty of facing excruciatingly freezing temperatures and spending a whole week on the mountain.


This recent trip to Tanzania, Africa was only the first of many more to come, promised Roxy.