Mysterious Photos That Can’t Be Explained


When it comes to anything of a bizarre or supernatural nature, whether it be ghosts, Santa, or auras, the proof is never definite even when you have photographic evidence. In the case of these mysterious photos, the stories behind them never lead to any real answers but rather speculation and even more mystery. Here are some of the most mysterious photos that have not been able to be explained, even by professionals.

The Cadborosaurus Sea Monster

Back in 1907, there was a group of fisherman who while out at sea spotted a huge creature, and after reeling it in they realized it was a sea monster called the Cadborosaurus. Much like the Loch Ness sea monster or the Yeti, the existence of the Casborosaurus had been disputed by many, so many believed that this photo was just the work of nine men who were extremely bored out at sea. One thing, however, which hasn’t been proved is what kind of creature it was exactly, and since researchers haven’t yet called this creature a fraud, what it was exactly remains a mystery.


Freddy Jackson’s Ghost

At first glance, this photo looks like an ordinary portrait of WW1 Soldiers, but there’s a more sinister story behind the peculiar picture. If you look closely, you’ll see in the last row to the back, the fourth person from the left, a man named Freddy Jackson who was an RAF squadron pilot, but Jackson wasn’t supposed to be in this photo considering he was already dead at the time the photo was taken! In fact, his funeral was held just hours before.


Strange 9/11 Survivor

In this breathtaking yet eerie photo, you can see a woman who was an employee in the world trade center building, standing on the wreckage waving for help after the building was struck down by both airplanes. The fact that this woman survived the initial attacks is mysterious enough on its own, but what’s even more strange is the mystery surrounding what her eventual fate was, as the woman has not been accounted for or identified. Many 9/11 conspiracy theorists claim that the attack was an inside job which makes sense being there were survivors that escaped a virtually inescapable death.


Lost In Space

Legend has it that the Black Knight Satellite has orbited around the world for 13,000 years and while it’s true origin remains unknown, there are a few theories. The first one is that it’s actually a thermal blanket which was lost in space during a mission, while the second is that it’s just a piece of debris. While just a few on earth are aware of it’s existence, the Black Knight has allegedly sent signals towards the earth which have been inspected by NASA, but there have been no clear answers regarding its exact purpose.


Paranormal Photobomber

When Jim Templeton decided to take an afternoon trip to have lunch on Burgh Marsh along with his wife and daughter, they decided it was a lovely opportunity to photograph their young daughter. Upon receiving the photo back from being developed, Jim realized that there was a figure behind his daughter which he didn’t remember being there when he took the photo. After asking Kodak for answers about the strange figure which had shown up on their film they had no answers.


Ape On The Loose

In 2000, a woman who chose to conceal her identity mailed in photos of what she claimed to be a skunk ape in the back yard of her Sarasota County, Florida home. In addition to the photographs, the woman also sent in a letter to the sheriff’s department which detailed the bizarre behavior of the Ape. While skeptics believe that the creature was just a black bear, it looks to us that the creature was more than just a bear but an ape, or one of their neighbors playing a sick joke.


Extraterrestrial Artwork

Curiosity with extraterrestrial life is something that has been around for a long time and can even date back to the 15th century. Proof of that is in this famous painting called The Madonna with Saint Giovannino. Italian artist Domenico Ghirlandaio was the creator of this magnificent and mysterious piece of art which is currently on display in the Palazzo Vecchio. In the painting right above Mary’s right shoulder, you can see a disk or UFO shaped object which until today remains a mystery.


Lake of UFOs

On May 20th of 1967, near Falcom Lake in Manitoba Canada, Stefan Michalak experienced more than he bargained for on his weekend getaway. While hanging out by the lake, Michalak said that two circular objects were descending in his direction, eventually landing right next to him. Michalak Claims that when the objects landed their doors opened and he heard voices speaking to him in a strange language. As Michalak attempted to examine the alleged spacecraft he was burnt by a grid-shaped vent which also burned his clothes. What happened exactly that day is still just speculation, but Michalak has the burns to prove his story was real.


Haunted Hospital

Abandoned structures of all types are pretty much fair game for all supernatural creatures, so it comes as no surprise that this abandoned hospital in Waverly Hills, Kentucky has had its share of spooky visitors, and not the human kind. In this photo, you can see what may or may not be an old patient of the hospital who has come back to roam around her old stomping grounds, and she even stopped for the perfect photo.


Hands Where They Don’t Belong

For these young students, class picture day is one of the best days of the year, but what they saw when they got their photo’s back may have scared them for life. When looking at the developed photo, you can see two dark hands that don’t belong to any of the students, and even look misplaced. While this could have been due to a glitch with the film, or even a prank, some believe that there was something much more peculiar going on.


The Christmas Spirit

As this adorable family excitedly gathered around the tree, there was someone else who also waited patiently to open their gifts. The spirit which you can see in the photo on the ground may have lived in the house, or was just feeling lonely during the holidays, either way, this came as a huge shock to the family when they looked at the photo after it was taken. Their holiday celebrations must have been so epic that this ghastly guest wanted to join too!


The Brown Lady

Imagine this; you’re walking up the stairs and all of a sudden you see a ghost lady coming head on! I’m pretty sure I would pass out, but in Ryan Hall, England, this ghost is the well-known spirit of Dorothy Townshend. In 1936, this photo was captured of her ghost descending the stairs of Raynham Hall. Dorothy was supposedly imprisoned and abused in the Hall by her husband Charles Townshend throughout the 1700’s. It has become one of the most famous ghost sightings in all of Great Britain.


Lord Combermere Came Back For His Chair

Lord Combermere was a well known and high ranking officer in the British Military in the 1800s, so when he passed away many came to mourn his death. This photo was taken of Combermere’s office at the same time of his funeral which was held four miles away. In the photo, you can see the ghost of what we can assume to be Lord Combermere, who clearly couldn’t tear himself away from his fancy big chair, even in the days following his death.


Metaphysical Mommy

There’s no doubting that special bond between a mother and a daughter but in the case of this photo this bond was literally out of this world. The child on the floor was caught playing with what appears to be a spirit which many believe to be the child’s mother who passed away a few months before the photo. We can’t decide if it’s creepy or sweet that this mother came back in ghost form just to play with her child.


Beware Of This Bridge

Places where heinous crimes were committed are incredibly likely be haunted by the ghosts of the victims of these vicious crimes, and this bridge in Oak Grove Kentucky is no exception. The tale tells it that a soldier murdered his child and wife near this bridge in Oak Grove, Kentucky, and people sometimes claim to see her spirit still walking along the bridge near where she was murdered. This photo was taken one night and captured the ghost of the women walking on the bridge.


Room For Three

A couple visiting the Worley Bed And Breakfast Inn in Dahlonega, Georgia in 1999, thought that they were going to have a peaceful weekend getaway but when they got into their room, they found an unexpected guest in their suite. In this photo of the couple’s room, you can see the figure of a ghost laying down on the bed, and it looks like the ghost is seriously enjoying themselves. We hope for this couple that they were able to get a refund and far away from this ghost-ridden room.


Graveyard Playdate

In 1973, a woman went to visit the grave of her daughter who had recently passed away. When the mother approached the grave of her child, she saw the spirit of another kid lurking around her daughter’s gravestone and was luckily able to capture a photo of the mysterious incident. Allegedly, the mother said that she was sure that the ghost she saw was not her daughter so it must have just been another child who wanted to play with her daughter.


The Original Haunted House

This photo, which was taken during the infamous Amityville, New York scare, looks at first glance like a photo of the inside of a creepy home, but look closer to find a hidden house guest. In the shaded upper left-hand corner of the photo, you can see the figure of what appears to be a ghost, which is not surprising considering all of the controversy surrounding the haunted house. Anyone who has been around or lived in the house has reported experiencing first-hand incidents with ghosts and spirits.


Ghoulish Group Photo

What started out as some a harmless group photo turned into a seriously scary mess when these friends saw a strange face peering in between them. While some may say that this was some photoshop, the three girls have said they just used a regular cell phone to take the picture and didn’t tamper with the photo at all. This strange silhouette in between the friends remains a mystery, but I’m sure that they can never take a selfie the same way again.


Family Portrait Gone Wrong

Way before the days of cute Facebook and Instagram selfies couples, used to have proper photoshoots and hang those pictures of themselves on the walls of their home. This couple got a lot more than they bargained for out their photoshoot, and that was the third person! When these two got their portraits developed, a very clear figure of a mystery woman was seen floating on top of them, and they allegedly had no idea who this woman could have been, maybe the spirit of a petty mistress or a bored ghost.


Hidden House Guest

This man looks very proud to stand in front of his brand new house, but little does he know that he isn’t the only one who’ll be living there, check out the figure in the right window. While this figure, which looks like a ghost, could be one of many things, we’re pretty sure it’s the spirit of a woman who used to live in the house that was murdered by her husband in the wooded area behind the cottage.


Wedding Crasher

This photo was taken in 2008 Hertfordshire, England by Neil Sandbach. Sandbach was touring a beautiful farm in England which he wanted to use a venue for his wedding, but that all changed when he saw the ghost of this child. Upon confronting the landowners and the staff of the property, he quickly changed his mind as they confirmed that this ghost child often wandered the grounds of the farms. We’re glad Neil changed his mind because that would have been one disastrous wedding.


Johnston’s Ghost

After one look at this photo of Corey Carlsonn, it’s clear to see that there is a spirit on the left side of him and he decided to let all of his Instagram followers know exactly who this woman was. “For those of you who saw the picture of me today, this is the lady who went missing in this house back in 2001; her name was Curtis Johnston”. Even though the ghost in the photo was identified what remains a mystery is exactly what happened to her.


Throne Of Death

While many of the states in America still apply the death penalty, back in the day, a common method of capital punishment was by electrocution. It should go without saying that these machines have some lingering spirits and Ted Lucher an engineer saw this first hand. When Lucher was summoned to fix the killing device which belonged to the State of Tennessee he snapped a picture of the chair, and you can see on the armrest a phantom hand, as well as the face of a dead prisoner in agony in the neck hold.


Weird Walk In The Park

This girls night out took a turn no one expected after this bone-chilling photo was taken. As the photo was being snapped, one of the women reported feeling a presence on her left side which was later found out to be a spirit of some sort. Who this spirit was or what its motive was remains a mystery, but what is known is that there was certainly paranormal activity going on in that park and these women got it all on camera.


Death Bed Disks

This picture was taken a couple of hours before this man passed away and as he laid in his hospital bed, you can see strange auras hovering over and around his body. These three bright clouds of light are a part of what can be referred to as ascension or the soul leaving the body. While this isn’t something that has been proved and there is no definite explanation for the orbs of light, there is obviously something mystical going on here.


Backseat Driver

This picture was taken by Mrs. Mabel Chinnery in 1959 while visiting a cemetery. Mrs. Mabel Chinnery was walking back to her car when she saw her husband already in the car waiting for her alone, and she decided to snap a photo of him. Upon developing the image, the woman realized that her husband, in fact, wasn’t alone in the car. If you look closely at the photo, right in back of her husband’s head, you’ll see a blurry figure of another man’s head. Creepy!


Out Of Place Guest

This photo was taken in 1985 at St. Mary’s Guildhall, Coventry in England which was actually once a prison. The story behind this photo is that it was taken during a Masons’ dinner party before the blessing for the meal. In the photo, you can see a robed man bowing his head with the rest of the guests, but when everyone was asked if they saw this man, people said they didn’t recall seeing him. Who or what this robed man in the photo was remains a mystery.


White Worshipper

In 1975, a man and his and wife attended a mass at the Worstead Church in Norfolk, U.K. While the wife sat and prayed silently to herself on the pew, her husband took this eerie photo of her. It looks like the woman isn’t alone on the pew as there was some sort of bright figure sitting in the row behind her. Although there is no clear explanation given as to what the figure could have been, we’re guessing it was a nice spirit considering this took place in a church and everything.


Spooky Playdate

When this young lady snapped this photo of herself in the basement of her new home, all of her reservations regarding the house being haunted came to life. Allegedly, two days before this chilling photo was taken, she heard her 4-year-old brother screaming in the basement to someone “No, Don’t take it” when the child was supposed to be all alone. It’s possible that this mystery figure in the photo was who the child was shouting at the whole time.


Seeing The Light

Here you can see this man on his death bed and what’s happening above him which is some divine intervention, not a chandelier! Whether you’re a believer in something or nothing, there’s no denying this mysterious event that was taking place over this man’s body. The fact that this was able to be seen by the naked eye through this photo is what Parapsychologists claim to be the only proof they need to solidify theories and explanations of how auras and body energies work post mortem.


Eternal Love

Some people take the whole till death do us part vow really seriously, and this couple is no exception. This woman said that although her husband died 10 years previously, it did not keep him away from paying her special visits, and in this photo, that is exactly what you can see him doing. Behind the woman, that manly figure is indeed the ghost of her late husband admiring his eternal bride. Talk about commitment! This man is the husband all women dream of having.


Frightening Forest Frolicker

When one sets up a stealth camera to keep an eye on the wilderness of the forest, you never know what it’s going to pick up. In this case, a stealth camera picked up some creepy footage of the wandering ghost of a little girl. This footage was closely studied, but up until now, there is still no clear explanation as to who the ghost could have been or where she came from. Now we know why parent tells their kids not walk through the woods at night!


Spooky Helicopter Ride

All this women wanted to do was take a photo in this neat helicopter without the intrusion of any funny business but this sneaky spirit didn’t seem to care much and decided to plop down right besides this woman. The photo was taken in 1987 at the Fleet Air Arm Station In Somerset, United Kingdom, which usually isn’t known for supernatural happenings but that day changed everything. While the woman in the photo had no idea what was going on while the picture was being taken, she was shocked when she saw the developed photo.


Bolivian Fright

This photo was taken at a hospital in Bolivia just outside of an elevator bank. As these visitors were waiting to go into the elevator, it opened and what they saw inside was nothing short of frightful. In the photo, you can see that there’s a spirit in the elevator just waiting for them to come in. It’s possible that this was the ghost of someone who died in the hospital or just a friendly ghost spreading cheer to the patients. Kind of like Casper!


Supernatural Selfie

In Newcastle, United Kingdom, these unsuspecting selfie-takers got quite the scare after realizing that there was a ghastly photo bomber in their picture. The girls who thought this was a ghost described the figure as looking like an old woman in a Victorian style outfit. Because there’s no way to prove that this was a ghost, it’s also very possible that it was just one of their friends playing a bad joke on them. Either way, maybe it’s a sign that selfies are a no go.


Silent Supporter

Robert A. Ferguson. was a famous physicist who wrote many books on the subject in the 1960’s. In 1968, Ferguson attended an event to promote his new book about psychic telemetry, but he had no idea that there was a special guest in attendance that came specifically for him. That special guest was the ghost of his dead brother who had passed away in World War II. Photos were taken of Ferguson while he was giving his speech at the podium and you can see the ghost of his brother standing right next to him!


Illuminated Orbs

Orbs which are a phenomenon up for much speculation by scientists and parapsychology were thought to be due to camera malfunctions or lighting, but studies now show that these orbs are evidence of spiritual presences of different sorts. In this photo, you can see this young girl in an open field surrounded by tons of orbs which are brightly illuminated. Another theory is that these orbs could have been big drops of frozen rain but, we’re going to go with the illuminated orbs theory.


Shocking New Discovery of Amelia Earhart

It’s been eighty years since pilot Amelia Earhart disappeared over the Pacific, and now a newly discovered photo brings a crazy twist to the mystery of what happened to the famed pilot. History Channel documentary experts have revealed a blurry photo where Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan are pictured alive after the plane crash. This photo supports the documentary’s theory that the two crashed in the Marshall Islands and captured by the Japanese army…

amelia earhart discovery

Unearthly Dinner Guest

It was just another night in the Cooper residence when the family was gathered around the dining room table finishing up dinner. After dinner, Mr. Cooper decided to take a photo of his lovely wife, her friend, and their children, which is when things got really bizarre. After developing the photos which he took that night during dinner, Mr. Cooper discovered a bone-chilling mysterious cloudy figure hanging upside down over the table. Despite the thorough investigation, there has been no explanation as to exactly what this figure could have been.