Dad Tapes Daughter’s 1st Day of School For 12 Years


Kevin Scruggs deserves to win “Dad of the Year” after videotaping and interviewing his daughter Mackenzie on her first day of school for twelve consecutive years. We all know that kids grow up way too quickly, but this dad was forward thinking enough to make sure to capture some truly precious moments.

The three-minute video starts out with young Mackenzie in first grade and ends with her graduating from high school. The touching video is sure to pull at your heart strings and remind you of the small and meaningful moments that pass way too quickly through time.

After the video was shared on Reddit, viewers were quick to share their thoughts on the special video. Some commenters were impressed by how beautifully Scruggs displayed the passing of time. One viewer noted, “It’s so weird right? The day you have a kid, they’re an infant who is the size of your forearm and then boom they’re in high school. Being a parent is a whirlwind of so many things. I’m happy that this guy took the time out to be prescient and record some of the things he may have regretted missing.”

Other Reddit watcher were touched by how open Mackenzie was with her father throughout the sensitive years. For example, one user wrote, “Incredibly sweet. I also love that she told her dad she’s looking for cute boys. It just shows how open and trusting she is with her father. And how mature and understanding he is, knowing that’s part of high school, male or female. So many fathers seem to be over protective of their daughters almost to a fault.”

Most commenters were amazed by the way Mackenzie’s father showed how quickly time passes. One viewer reflected, “It is weird how it creeps up on you. It doesn’t feel like all that long ago that I had a house full of kids running around and it always felt stupid videotaping them. I remember what they look like, I see them every day, so what is the point of this again? Fast forward 5-10 years and it’s like “holy crap, where the hell did the time go? how did they grow THAT much?”. Just a couple of years ago, my youngest couldn’t be left home alone. Now she is old enough to take a BABYSITTING course?!”

Whether or not you decide to start videotaping your family and friends regularly, this video definitely serves as a solid reminder to stop and take in the little moments.