The Most Unique New Dating Apps You’re Not Using


Modern dating. No two words are more cringe-inducing in the vocabulary of the average North American twenty something. With more pressure than ever to work long hours and push off relationships until completing a degree, people are finding it harder and harder to meet their match. Luckily, there’s an app for that! We’ve done the research for you and found the top 5 dating apps, aside from Tinder, to suit your individual needs and quirky personality. Goodbye to wanted ads in the Sunday paper and hello to Weekend crossword puzzles in bed with your soulmate.


A dating app that matches you by shared dislikes sounds a bit pessimistic, but it’s the latest trend. Launched in the UK recently, the app encourages more honesty and creativity than perhaps an image based app like Tinder. Your “about me” section is developed by rating a range of topics from Love to Like, Hate to Dislike and hoping some other cranky person out there feels the same. It’s estimated that the initial numbers for users around the globe of the application have reached just over 120,000!


Tired of a cycle of “one date Danny’s”? Then Hinge is the app for you. Their slogan says it all, “Escape the games. Find something real.” This company focuses on helping people find relationships and genuine connections in the digital world. Pick up a book and then start a conversation with Hinge.


Bumble changes the rules of the traditional dating, placing the responsibility on the girl to make the first move. After a match is made the woman has 24 hours to say something before the connection is lost forever. The creators of the app were tired of the outdated heterosexual dating norms and came up with this creative solution. Bumble is also popular as a way to find same gender friendships.

dating app- bumble

The mobile dating app for smart people! Sapio builds matches based on different categories like intelligence, drive, and sense of humor. Sounds awesome right? The only catch is that in order to collect this data each user must first answer 300 open-ended questions about themselves- talk about time-consuming.

dating app-sapio


Happn works like this, you cross paths with a tall dark stranger and you both click “like” and voila you can chat! Happn’s founder wanted to bring back a sense of serendipity to the dating world and the app allows you to connect with people you just happen to cross paths with throughout your day. So the next time you spot an interesting girl at your local coffee shop log onto Happn and see if she’s looking at you too.