Hilarious Videos of Virtual Reality First-Timers Emerge on Christmas Day


Virtual Reality (VR) headsets were the token item to get this Christmas. All across America, kids and adults waited to rip open their presents this holiday season. Receiving a virtual reality headset was like getting Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. No one could wait to get their hands on the present of the season.

We all knew the VR phenomenon was coming. All the major electronic stores like Best Buy and Amazon were sold out of the Oculus Touch controllers. Social media was booming with prayers and hopes of getting a precious VR system for the holidays. Whether it was an HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or the Sony PlayStation VR (PSVR) did not matter as long as it worked. Finally, Christmas morning arrived and the VR systems were delivered to many consumers. Tons of people opened their gifts under the tree and received the prized VR headset.


Don’t worry if you were not gifted with the cherished present! Those without a special VR headset still get some priceless entertainment too. The greatest part of the VR phenomenon has to be the hilariously funny reactions of the users. Watching people freak out over things that are not really there is hysterical! People everywhere rushed to Twitter and Youtube to post videos of reactions and we have compiled the best ones yet. These users fully freak out while immersed in the virtual dimensions. Make sure you use the bathroom before watching or you might pee your pants from laughing so hard.

The user below let her grandma use the VR headset and she doesn’t hold back with her reaction! You will not regret watching these videos.

Some of the VR games are really scary! This woman below gets scared out of her mind. She can’t hold back the screams.

This mom also loses it over the VR experience!