This Couple’s Dog Was The Ring Bearer At Their Wedding And He Did An Incredible Job


When a couple recently tied the knot, they only had one candidate in mind to be the ring bearer – their 7-year-old dog Alfie.

Sheree Atcheson and Sean McCrory got married and gave Alfie the responsibility of carrying their ring down the aisle before reciting their nuptials. The couple Belfast, Northern Ireland, were determined to make the dog a big part of their big day. This made sense, seeing that he is such a big part of both their lives.

As the couple waited at the altar, they could spot their pup at the entrance of the ceremony hall. Rehearsals had been ropey, to say the least, but they had faith that their boy would do a terrific job on the day.

When the moment came for Alfie to shine, he completed his job to perfection. The little hound stormed down the aisle with the rings hanging around his neck. But all he wanted to do was give his owners one more big hug before they were officially husband and wife.

dog 2

The dog was fitted with his own tux and we think it’s safe to say that he looks sharper than a two edged sword. In some ways, he may have overshadowed the bride and groom. But his owners don’t mind, especially because Alfie was an absolute star in their wedding photos.

Despite being 7 years old, Alfie could easily be mistaken for being a puppy. He’s certainly small and cute enough to steal the heart of any dog lover.

“Alfie is a huge part of our lives and there was never a decision made to have him as our ring bearer. He was the only choice,” Atcheson said. “He’s such a great part of our relationship and we wanted to have him involved in our family’s big day.”

dog 3

The photos were absolutely priceless and were taken by Kat Mervyn Photography.