Grandma Left Kids In Yard – Then She Heard Dogs Wildly Barking


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There are many reasons people choose to get a pet. For some, caring for an animal is the first step they take before taking on the responsibility of caring for humans. Others are looking for something more useful, and train dogs to be a hunting companion or a guide dog. Most, of course, decide to bring a pet into their home simply for the companionship they offer. Dogs are warm, often cuddly, and generally very loyal to their caretakers. They are natural companions to humans, having evolved alongside us for thousands of years. Even cats can have their benefits. They’re often a bit easier to care for and will hunt down vermin for you should that ever be a problem in your home.

For many pet owners, they see their animals as an extension of their own family, often referring to them as “fur babies.” Melissa Butt was one of those dog owners. She is the proud mother to two “fur babies:” a three year old pit bull named Slayer, as well as a nine month old pit bull puppy she named Paco. Melissa is also a well informed dog owner, and has trained her dogs to an exceptionally high standard. So much so that she trusted her pooches to watch over her grandchildren when they were out playing in her yard this past August. Though she couldn’t see the playful group, they were still within earshot, and she knew that her dogs would keep them safe.

Therefore, she was shocked when suddenly heard wild yelping rising from the other side of her backyard. She had never heard her dogs bark like that before and was instantly alarmed, fearing for her grandchildren’s safety. When she ran to have a look to see what was causing all of the commotion, she never expected her dogs to disobey her. But when she discovered the reason why, her blood ran cold.