Heroic Neighbors Break Into House Next Door To Save Dog From Fire


Two neighbors heroically broke into a house that was on fire to rescue a dog after saving another family whose house also caught ablaze.

The house in the Lucky Vista neighborhood caught fire before spreading to the house next door. Nakenya Portela-Bailey had no idea about the fire until neighbor Kevin Hayes informed her. Her three kids and two dogs were also oblivious to the danger.

“Thankfully, Kevin knocked on the door,” Portela-Bailey said. “Because I don’t think anyone in the house realized what was going on.”

As he parked, Hayes spotted black smoke and flames rising from Portela-Bailey’s house. He jumped out of his car and immediately took action. “I don’t think I should be considered as a hero, I’m just a concerned citizen,” the brave man said. “I jumped out of my car and went to check on them.”

neighbors 2

After getting everyone out of the house, Hayes recruited fellow neighbor Julian Felan to check the damage next door. They rang the video doorbell of Sylvia and Eliseo Farias’ house, but they answered from elsewhere. “Yo, man! Your house is on fire!” Felan said.

So the Farias’ told the men that they left their dog in the house and asked them if they could get him out to safety. Luckily, Felan, a former firefighter, had the experience to deal with this situation.

Felan broke the door down and without hesitation, the two neighbors rushed through the smoke and found the Farias’ dog. “I know how they feel about their dog,” Hayes said. “It’s like their kid. I’m a pet lover too, and my dog is part of the family.”

neighbors 3

Thankfully, the fire didn’t harm anyone and the firefighters arrived to extinguish the flames. Sylvia Farias praised the pair for getting everyone out of the fire unscathed. “I’m just glad they were okay,” she said.

Also, Portela-Bailey said that the rescue is a testament to how close the community is. “We look out for each other,” she said.