Formerly Neglected Dog Receives Real Bed And His Reaction Is Priceless


There is a reason why dogs have been nicknamed “man’s best friend.” There is nothing in this world like coming home to an enthusiastic dog, who leaps towards you in pure joy, just happy to see you. Therefore, it is truly heartbreaking when a dog is left abandoned on the street. It is important to adopt pets in order to give them a chance at a better and happier life.

Emma, a 14 year old dog, spent most of her days roaming the streets after being abandoned by her family in a North Carolina dog shelter. It was clear that she had spent too much time uncared for, as the poor pup was covered in sores and parasites. After spending a long time at the shelter, she was nearing the unfortunate reality of being put down. However, her luck was about to change.

An animal rescue center named Animals R Family, which is located in Connecticut, was able to raise enough money in order to save Emma. A pilot who dedicates his time to saving shelter dogs was able to fly her out to a safer place. She was then gifted with the first dog bed she ever had in her life at the rescue center.

What was truly incredible was her reaction to the newfound love and care she was receiving. An employee of the shelter, Nicole Bruck, shared with The Dodo, “She went out for her late-night before-bed toilet break. After she had gone to the toilet, she walked under the deck, scratched around in a dirt hole, lay down in it and closed her eyes. It made me cry. She was not expecting anything more or anything better. I led her back into the house and put her on her bed and told her, with tears in my eyes, that she would never, ever, ever sleep in a dirt hole again.”

Emma is currently being taken care of and being nursed back to health, all while living at a foster home that is providing all the love and care she never experienced before. An online campaign was even started to get her a Tempur-pedic bed, and within 24 hours, enough money was raised to provide her with one.

Bruck shared a post on Facebook: “We have been really overwhelmed by the amount of support and love we have received for Emma. From the couple who are paying her vet bills without question, to all the people who sent her canned food, to the people who donated for her bed, to the person who sent us a box of soft toys for Emma. It has been heartwarming and moving that so many people care about a throwaway neglected 14-year-old dog who lived outside all her life.”

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