The Rescue Turkey Who Became An Internet Sensation


Brant Pinvidic has rescued a lot of animals in his lifetime, from countless dogs to horses, but he never expected to branch out into rescuing turkeys, when a friend contacted him shortly before Thanksgiving 2016 about a farm that raises turkeys for slaughter, asking if Pinvidic wanted one. Pinvidic decided he’d take two.

After giving the rescued birds some time to adjust to their new home in California, Pinvidic released both birds, his female turkey, whom he’d named Princess went on her merry way. But Albert, the male turkey, just followed him inside.

Albert, it turned out, was an extremely personable turkey, one who Pinvidic quickly discovered like hugs and children. Pinvidic later described Albert’s first family holiday with them.

“A month after I get this bird, he’s at this Christmas party mingling. He’s right on the carpet where all the kids are sitting with Santa. He just loves people. That’s what he loves more than anything. He just wants to be around somebody.”


Pinvidiv began sharing photos and stories about Albert’s life in California, and has since garnered over 9,000 followers on his Instagram page. Pinvidic tells ABC News how ALbert behaves just like another one of their dogs, greeting him when he wakes up in the morning, following him around the house, and asking for cuddles. “He’s a complete showoff,” Pinvidic said. “He only wants attention. He doesn’t want food, he doesn’t want to play, he just wants you to notice him. He’s very pompous. He really believes he is the most interesting thing going on wherever he is.”

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Albert has even served as the best man of a wedding for friends of Pinvidic this past March. Pinvidic shared with reporters, “He was the guest of honor at the wedding,” Pinvidic said. His name was even listed in the program, and the wedding photos naturally included Albert. “During the reception he was wandering from table to table saying ‘hi’ to everybody. He wasn’t looking for food. He just wanted attention.”

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Albert’s rescue also inspired Pinvidic to start his own rescue organization, Albert and Friends, which is naturally named after the curious pet turkey. The organization works with a local shelter that mostly serves dogs, cats, and horses. But we’re sure that given the chance they would be more than happy to save another turkey too.