Strengthen Your Glam Factor with Food-Grade Beauty Brands


The pursuit of beauty is getting better with makeup brands that use food-grade ingredients. What does it mean when a product is labeled as possessing food-grade ingredients? Essentially, its contents are edible and consists of 0.1% bacteria. Compare this with the 30% bacteria present in cosmetic grade items – most of which contains harmful preservatives. Food-grade items, as those listed below, are new breeds of beauty products ensured to keep your skin safe and lovely inside and out.

Afterglow Cosmetics takes pride in being the very first certified gluten-free makeup line. Its wide range of cosmetics is made of 100% organic and all-natural ingredients. Specially designed for women with sensitive skin, their beauty products are gluten-free and come with recycled packaging.

RMS Beauty
If you are searching for a natural makeup brand that nourishes and keeps your skin hydrated, RMS Beauty makes for an ideal choice. Expect youthful glowing skin as they are reputed in the beauty industry for using organic and food-grade ingredients. Enhance your beauty with their reliable makeup line.

Alima Pure
Alima Pure is famous for their smooth powder foundation which caters to all types of skin tones. Their diverse beauty products are sourced from the finest natural and organic ingredients. Plus, these ingredients were never tested on animals. Their commitment to nurture a friendly and healthy environment is  admirable.

Vapour Organic Beauty products famed themselves with a ‘Champion’ Safety status courtesy of the Environmental Working Group for Safe Cosmetics. This means that they only use well-crafted makeup products from healthy, natural ingredients. Also, their recycled packaging is adorable too.

ILIA Beauty
The great thing about ILIA Beauty is their mantra of simplicity and transparency. Known for their organic tinted lip conditioner and lipsticks, you’ll be amazed how these safe ingredients came from organic farmers from different countries.

Bite Beauty
Bite Beauty boasts of food-grade lip products as evidenced by their high-quality lip glosses and lipsticks. Expect your lips to be pampered with safe ingredients while making them look colorfully pretty.