Inspired By Pixar’s Up, English Man Flies In Chair Hoisted By Balloons

Following the release of the 2009 Pixar movie, Up, children and adults around the world wondered if the movie’s main stunt, a house flown only by balloons, was possible. Now, we have our answer.

Tom Morgan, a 38 year old English man inspired by the beloved film decided to test the hypothesis out, only on a smaller scale. Strapped into a lawn chair outfitted with balloons, the man took off over South Africa. Reaching an altitude of 8,000 feet, his lawn chair was powered by 100 large, helium balloons, carrying him for over 15 miles.

His flight was captured on video, which was then shared to the page Adventurists, whose mission is “fighting to make the world less boring.”

In the film that inspired the stunt, the protagonist, Carl Fredricksen, an elderly man who recently lost his wife and subsequently his zest for life, decides to move his entire house to a remote stretch of South America that he and his late wife had planned to visit for the better part of their lives.

Carl had previously sold toy balloons at a zoo to make a living, and therefore deciding balloons would be his method of propulsion. Using thousands of helium filled balloons, he attaches them to his home, which then takes flight.


Though Morgan, who hails from Bristol, England, did not plan an international journey, even his 15 miles had their fare share of dangers. He had to plan extensively for the possible disasters that could have ensued, from strong winds to bursting balloons.

After months of planning, his stunt went off without a hitch, and now Morgan wants to plan another. The next achievement he plans to conquer will be a three day race covering a long distance, propelled only by the balloons. Whether or not the second stunt will succeed still remains to be seen.