Mother And Sons Cover ‘Anti-Homeless’ Spikes With Cushions


A mother from Manchester, UK, was angered by the councils decision to erect ‘anti-homeless’ spikes outside buildings in the city center to deter homeless people from resting outside. The Manchester mother named Jennie Platt came across the spikes installed in a sheltered area and felt upset with the way the helpless homeless people were being treated so took matters into her own hands.

Through enlisting the help of her two sons George, 11 and Sam, 10, Jennie headed to local low-cost store ‘Primark’ to purchase cushions to make the spiked areas comfortable and enticing for the homeless people. Not only did the family set up snug areas, they went a step further and placed a selection of chocolates and sandwiches atop of the cushions, providing sustenance as well as a place to sleep. To invite people to stay, the group left signs on the made up areas stating ‘Take a seat and have a bite to eat’.

homeless spikes-2

Speaking to local newspapers about her initiative to help the homeless, Platt said that although she knew it was not a permanent solution as the cushions would probably get wet, Jennie asserted that she wanted to make a stand and show that it was wrong to deter the homeless, stating “This is not the Mancunian thing, it’s not how we treat people. The building owners are treating human beings like pigeons.” Although it was believed that the building owners had instructed for the spikes to be set up, the company renting the building named Pall Mall Medical posted on their twitter page insisting they would like clients, employees and the public to know they had absolutely no involvement in the decision over the spikes.

homeless spikes-3

Nevertheless, Jennie and sons along with some of their Rugby teammates, continued their mission to help the homeless. Their kind actions received a wide array of praise and media attention which ultimately resulted in the councils decision to remove the spikes from the building. The Platt family’s good will was instrumental in protecting the homeless people of Manchester.