Woman Sees Man’s Shirt And Decides She’ll Do Anything To Save His Life

Call it a maternal soft-spot if you wish, but Rocio has always sought different ways to help people in need. Every person in her life could testify to the fact that if there is a cause and way, Rocio will be there to lend a hand. That is why she did not think twice before posting about helping a man she did not even know. After her post went viral, she contacted the man – but then realized she did not have her facts straight.

Rocio Sandoval was enjoying Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom with her husband Juan, who was celebrating his birthday. She turned to her husband when suddenly, she spotted a man wearing a T-shirt that stood out due to the printed lettering and a phone number it had on the front, reading: “In Need Of Kidney O Positive.” Rocio also noticed that the man wearing the distinct piece of clothing was pushing around a teen boy in a wheelchair, so she immediately assumed the kidney was meant for his son.

After leaving the theme park, Rocio could not get her mind off the man she saw. She did not know his name or his story since she thought it might make him uneasy to discuss his physical health state at a public place meant for distraction, so Rocio never approached him. Still, she had his phone number and remembered what the shirt read. It was then that she decided to help the anonymous man out.

Using her personal social media account, Rocio posted about the man she saw and explained she wanted to assist him to find a kidney donor for his son. Having recently given birth to her own child, Rocio felt as though her seeing the man that day was a sign that she was meant to do everything in her power to help.


“I met the man for 30 seconds, and I feel like we’re going to have a lifelong connection. That actually makes me very emotional,” Rocio said in an interview.

Her post reached over 87,000 people around the world, consisting of an astonishing amount of individuals who were willing to move forward with the transplant. Then, she called the man and updated him about her intentions to find his son a suitable donor, but very much to her surprise, the man on the other side of the phone, who goes by the name Robert, is the one who needs the kidney. Robert then went on to explain that he has been waiting on the transplant list for more than three years.


“There’s not enough kidney donors out there in the country, and because I’m O positive, I am a universal donor and can give to everybody else, but an O can only get an O,” Robert later told Fox35.

Rocio wasted no time and reached out to those who have contacted her, making sure they had Robert’s information and were willing to move forward with the procedure. The two are still in touch to this day, and in an interview Robert recently gave, he addressed Rocio and her kind spirit, saying:

“I love you and your husband, that’s my message! I really do, she is my guardian angel.”