Adorable 2-Year-Old Fist Pumping Flight Passengers Will Make Your Day


Flying is not for everyone, and the flight experience can be just as daunting. However, you would have wanted to be on this flight traveling from North Carolina, when a little friendly face came to make it all better.

On this flight everyone started off in a good mood, and that is all thanks to a 2-year-old who managed to put a smile on everyone’s faces as he walked down the aisle. When boarding his Southwest flight where most people had already taken to their seats, 2-year-old Guy walked down the aisle while fist-bumping passengers as he strode along with his blanket trailing behind. And everyone wanted in on the action!

According to his mom, Guy does this every time he boards a flight, “it’s his signature move.. he’s very funny, not shy at all. He doesn’t leave anyone out.” The story behind his fist-bumping plane antics is explained by his mother, Ayla Jakubowicz.

“Ironically, he learned how to fist-bump when he was like 18 months. We were waiting on the tarmac and he was getting antsy so I let him run around the aisle a little bit and these guys behind us taught him how to fist bump.”

fist pump

So, you should consider yourself lucky if you happen to be on the same flight as him. As seen in the video that went viral after his mother posted it online, you can see the way the other passengers reacted to Guy’s gesture, both fist-bumping back and smiling as he walked on. The video then went viral after Southwest Airlines shared the video and has garnered over 70,000 likes since it’s posting on July 29th.

His mother has since stated: “I’m so proud of him. When can you say that you made 70,000 people smile in one day? Most people can’t say that and he’s done it and he’s only 2.”

What a hero.