A Bride And Groom Get Their Dream Wedding For Free After Harvey Hits Their Home


After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, residents who were unfortunately affected by the storm had to put their lives on hold.

Since their homes and personal belongings were destroyed, life in Texas was no longer the same after August.

For couple Chloe and Tim Watterus from Kingwood, Texas, their wedding was originally planned for the weekend that followed after Harvey hit.

Of course, this wedding was no longer a possibility, and the celebrations had to be called off.

“The wedding was supposed to take place Sept. 2, 2017, here at my family’s house. We had everything ready,” Chloe Waterreus, 22, told ABC News.

“We had all the décor, invitations, everyone RSVP’d. We were so excited.” However, Harvey hit their home with six feet of water, and everyone’s minds were now on survival more than anything else, including a wedding.

Chloe recalled, “We had a boat come into our living room to take us out. It was a really crazy experience with the hurricane. While it was heartbreaking and sad and all those negative emotions, I still had my family and my mom and my dad and two little sisters. I had them, and I had Tim. I told myself, ‘I’m going to appreciate what I have right now and I’m not going to push my luck. I’m not going to be a bridezilla.’”


With many of the couples close friends and family also excited to attend the wedding, they pitched an idea to planner Kristina Cox, to organize another wedding for October 7th.

Cox told ABC News, “When I heard about how her wedding was destroyed, it pulled on my heartstrings. I wanted to do everything I could to put those bad memories behind her and give her a dream wedding.”

Cox’s determination to create a dream wedding was successful, having found a new venue, decorations, cake, flowers, and photography.

This was all a surprise for the bride and groom, and Cox held the wedding at her newly opened venue called Celebrate & Communicate at Morgan Falls in Alvin, Texas.

“My whole thought process on this is, we’re blessed to be a blessing,” said Cox. “Words can’t describe it how it felt to see their joy and excitement. That topped any event we’ve ever done. We were able to make a bad situation much better.”


One thing that had not been ruined by the storm was the brides wedding dress. “My dress was stuck at the tailor for alterations,” said Chloe Waterreus.

“The lady reached out to my mom and said, ‘I rescued her dress.’ She had it dry-cleaned. I got to salvage my dress. It was the one thing that was mine during the wedding which meant so much.”

The timing was perfect too because Tim got to tie the knot with the love of his life two weeks before he had to leave for Marine Corps recruit training.

The pair were so moved by everyone’s generosity and exclaimed,  “It was amazing. I felt not only beautiful but so immensely blessed. I don’t know how many tears about it I’ve cried. It was magical. So many people helped us to save us,” she said.