Bride Arrives At Her Wedding In A Garbage Truck


Horse and carriage. A limo. Even a sports car. These are all modes of transport that most brides have always dreamed of arriving at their weddings in. But who would ever have thought that a garbage truck would suffice?

49-year-old Hilli Fletcher, that’s who. She thought it would be both romantic and hilarious to turn up to her big day in a 26-tonne truck. Amazingly, her fiance Paul, a garbage man, was delighted by her choice of vehicle.

Leading up to the big day, the wedding planner told garbage man Paul, 50, that Hilli would arrive at the couple’s wedding in a Bentley. But what he would see on the day would bring the groom to tears.

In order to make the choice as legitimate as possible, the planner adorned the truck with a long, pink ribbon and a banner with the message “Here comes…the Bride!” in all caps sprayed onto it. Also, just to add an extra touch of class, the team gave the truck a spring clean, as it was obviously in desperate need of one.

truck 2

Friends and family looked on in amazement as the bride’s “carriage” of choice arrived outside the registry office. And the chauffeur, who is also a garbage man by trade, escorted Hilli out of the truck.

According to Hilli, her friend asked if her husband-to-be would organize the transport. As a joke, the friend said that if Paul was to plan Hilli’s transport, she would be attending her own wedding in a garbage truck.

However, Hilli took the joke quite seriously. “I had an epiphany and thought why not? It all started off as a bit of a joke but I’m glad we pulled it off,” she said.

truck 3

So Hilli decided to contact Paul’s workplace to enquire about hiring a truck. “Some of his work friends put me in touch with his boss, who said: “Leave it with me.” ‘He said he would contact head office,” she said.

Despite being a peculiar idea, head office was on board with the idea. “It took a while but they said yes. Paul didn’t have a clue,” she said. “I just saw him cry – he said he was in complete shock and surprise.”