Millennials See Coffee As A Fashion Statement


Millennials are addicted to coffee more than ever before, and one of the reasons is because it is seen as a fashion statement. Nowadays having a cup of coffee is more than just drinking it from a mug. It’s all about the cardboard cup, the cappuccino froth and that all important upload to Instagram.

A recent study showed that coffee drinkers aged between 19-34 make up nearly 50% of the USA and teenagers seem to be drinking coffee earlier and earlier -at an average age of 14 years.

The study also showed that some children are drinking coffee as early as the age of 10 which can be dangerous because of the high levels of caffeine and its side effects. These include hyper-activity followed by fatigue, anxiety, headaches and nausea because coffee dehydrates the body. So while coffee is tasty and can give a much-needed energy boost, it is recommended that it is only drunk once a day, followed by water (to avoid dehydration). This is especially true for teenagers where side effects are likely to be much stronger.

Teenagers drink so much coffee that its thought this is the reason why the demand for it is at an all time high. This is worrying because Brazil, which is the world’s biggest coffee producer and exporter, is experiencing a shortage of the bean because of drought. How will teenagers cope if there is a coffee shortage? Which drink will become the new fashion symbol? For millennials, a coffee shortage doesn’t bare thinking about.