Hero Cat Saves Neighbor’s Life

Every once in awhile, an animal story comes around that reminds us just how incredible our pet best friends really are. This seems to be exactly the case with this story coming out of Canada where a cat is now a local hero. Much like Lassie, the film and TV dog star of the 40’s and 50’s, the cat in this story saved a man’s arm.

Ivy, the cat in question, is now getting global attention for helping rescue her next door neighbor while he was trapped. Mary Johnston, who is the 72-year-old owner of Ivy, was reading her book in her Manitoulin Island home in Ontario. That is when she noticed that her cat was acting in a manner that was unusual. The cat was making a fuss by meowing loudly and jumping from the window to the couch and back again.

Curious at what is causing her cat to act in such a strange way, Mary went to investigate. As she approached, she began to hear noise coming from the outside.

Mary realized that whatever is going on outside is what is causing her cat to behave so strangely. When she stepped out, she followed the noise to her neighbor’s barn and once she arrived she made a horrifying discovery. Her neighbor, Eric Russell, was hanging from the ceiling by his arm. While fixing his garage door, the spring he was trying to fix failed and caused his arm to become trapped. Mary rushed to get the attention of Eric’s wife Betty. The authorities were immediately called so that Eric could receive medical attention as soon as possible.

Although his arm and nerves were badly damaged, he is expected to make a recovery. Luckily, Mary responded in time to prevent the arm from sustaining further damage that would have likely led to Eric losing his arm entirely.

When asked about the ordeal, Mary told reporters, “Cats have much better hearing than humans. I think she heard these sounds of distress and it bothered her. So she figured I should do something about it…The joke is we’re going to erect a statue to Ivy downtown.” Although the commemorative statue is a joke, Ivy is reported to have been nominated for the Purina Animal Hall of Fame for the rescue.