Cheeky Little Girl Steals Pope’s Skullcap


The Vatican is a very serious place. That is to say that it’s not really known as a place where you would expect to burst out laughing. But that is exactly what happened earlier this week. It is not uncommon for there to be crowds of people waiting for a chance to get a glimpse at the Pope.

On Wednesday, the Pope went out to give out his blessing to the crowds of visitors; a common practice for the Pope. A young girl was being held up to kiss the Pope. What the Pope was not expecting was for the sneaky little girl to snatch off his his traditional white skullcap, also known as a zucchetto. Interestingly, only the Pope is allowed to wear the white version of this ceremonial skullcap. Once he realized what had happened, he could not help but to burst out in laughter. Of course, the zucchetto was retrieved but not without a good laugh from onlookers. The Pope resumed giving out blessings without a hitch.


However, the little girl has become a little infamous. Her name is Estella Westrick, and she is three years old. As the story goes, she and her parents are in Rome to visit her godfather. When they decided to visit the Vatican for a chance to receive blessings from the Pope, they knew they couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Not many children get to be blessed by the Pope himself. After the incident, the godfather gave an interview to CNN. He explained, “It was hilarious, everyone was laughing, including the Pope…It’s her first full day in Rome; who knows what she will get up to tomorrow.”

Of course, everyone can recognize the, now notorious, skullcap thief. The entire city is will be on the lookout so there can’t be too much for her to get away with. If you’re curious of how it all went down, check out the footage below: