Paris Jackson Finally Breaks Silence On Her Father


Up until the iconic Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, the world knew very little about his children. When out in public, they would wear masks and the King of Pop would go to great lengths to hide their identities. However, this all changed after the legend’s sudden death, and when his daughter Paris took to the microphone at her father’s funeral. The world watched as Paris stepped forward, surrounded by the Jacksons, and she dubbed her father “the best daddy in the world,” before sobbing in the arms of her family.

A couple of years later, Paris and her siblings became the subject of many news stories and speculations surrounding their new life. In 2012, the rumors and the talk was put to rest when Paris decided to conduct interviews on national television, discussing her life, her father and the truth behind the gates of her family home, the Neverland Ranch. One thing that Paris unexpectedly revealed was her struggle adapting to life at school, dealing with bullies in that environment and over the Internet. The constant scrutiny led Paris down a dark path and it took the help of her family, and meeting her estranged mother for the first time to get her back on track.

The resemblance and similarities between Paris and her father was evident, and the teenager developed a work ethic to make her own money, despite being an heir to a billion dollar family fortune.


With her strong, independent attitude, Paris recently decided it was time to address all of the rumors surrounding her secret childhood as well as giving her raw emotions and opinions on her father, his death and his legacy. However this time, Paris did not hold back.