Amazing 5-Year-Old Boy Gets New Heart And His Reaction Will Warm Your Heart


Ari “Danger” Shultz might be the bravest little boy you’ve ever met and his story a true inspiration. Since before he was born Ari and his parents have been battling a congenital heart defect that threatened to cut his life short. During Erica Schultz’s 18 week ultra sound doctors noticed scary irregularities. Ari was diagnosed with critical aortic stenosis, “This meant if we didn’t intervene before he was born he would have only a 2 chamber heart,” his parents wrote on a website they manage to raise awareness for Ari, “We did, indeed, intervene, first at 20 weeks of gestation, setting us on a wild and unexpected path.”

Flash forward to the present day and 5 year old Ari is finally getting a new heart that could potentially add countless years to his current life expectancy. You can see in the video posted below how Ari reacts to the good news, nearing tears he asks his parents “Are they gonna find a good spot to put it?” to which his mom answers “Of course they are!” Ari’s dad pushed a little further and asked his young son, “Where do you think they’re going to put it?” Ari adorably points to the left side of his stomach and says, “Right here.”

heart- ari

His knowledge of anatomy might be a bit off but Ari seemed certain that the surgery is a good thing. When parents, Erica and Mike asked “Are you scared?” Ari replied with a simple “Yeah”. Not willing to let their little boy be frightened, Erica prompted “Are you excited too?” Ari’s beaming smile is answer enough!

After Ari’s transplant he seems to be doing well and has moved out of CICU at the Boston Children’s Hospital and is finally breathing on his own. “Ari has a very long road ahead of him, but so far his new heart is cooperating,” Mike and Erica Schultz, updated on their blog Echo of Hope. Here’s hoping that Ari only continues to get stronger with every passing day and is able to return home within the next few months.