How Planking Every Day Will Change Your Life


Although planks may look easy they are anything but! This simple yet challenging exercise has the power to build abdominal muscles, strengthen your back and pelvis, and increase your metabolism. With all the benefits available why wouldn’t you join the Plank revolution? What’s even better is that Planks require no special equipment, just 5 minutes every day and you’ll be rewarded with the beach body of your dreams. Planks are not only one of the easiest strength building exercises but the most practical for your busy non-stop life! Here are the top 5 reasons you need to integrate this exercise into your daily practice.

1) You Will Totally Improve Your Posture
A plank routine every morning will build up the muscles not only in your abdomen but your shoulders, neck, and lower back as well. Strengthening these muscle groups will contribute to an overall taller and leaner look. You’ll sit straighter and stabilize your body from the core.

2)You Will See Greater Core Definition
Your abdomen is split into several muscle groups and basic ab exercises don’t actually engage each of these areas. Planks are the ideal exercise for engaging all of the major core muscles including the external obliques, transverse abdominous, rectus abdominous, and even your glutes! Planks provide 100% activation of your six pack and help your stomach to appear flat and toned after just a few repetitions.

3)You Will Decrease Back Pain and Risk Of Injury
Planks don’t put pressure on your joints or spine so they can be a great alternative for people looking to build muscle without risking injury. A plank gets its power from requiring you to support your own body weight and use it as a tool to increase your strength. Weight bearing exercises are key to maintaining bone health into an advanced age.

4)You’ll Burn Calories Throughout The Day
We spend most of our day sitting at a desk but the power of planks means you’ll continue to burn calories even while sedentary. By making it a daily exercise before or after work you’ll maintain a high metabolic rate throughout your day!

5)You’ll Feel Calmer Instantly
Plans require a degree of mental strength as well as physical power. The variety of poses helps relieve stress and works towards calming the brain. While yoga isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, planking can provide the deep stretch of yoga with the strength building of classic weight bearing exercises you need.

Watch this video to perfect your plank form and see the results for yourself!