Ohio Woman Surprised By Neighbors With Parade After Her Last Chemo


Amy Kleiner was leaving her house in a upbeat mood, ready to go for her final chemo treatment when she was given a big surprise by her neighbors. The Cincinnati native was blown away when she saw her neighbors lined up down the street, cheering her on for the final stretch of her cancer treatment. Upon seeing everyone, Amy could not wipe the smile off her face and she said “I have never been so blown away in all of my life.”

The parade was thoughtfully organized by Tera Kiser, Amy’s close neighbor and best friend who was eager to do something for the 45-year-old cancer patient after she had been so incredibly strong and sweet throughout the debilitating process. Amy’s supportive husband Doug and her daughter were in on the surprise and helped Tera to put the plan into action.

They all wanted to make her final treatment sendoff something of a spectacle and something that Amy would get a kick out of. The plan was executed after Doug could not attend her final chemo as he had an important work commitment but felt guilty as he had attended every single one prior.

parade- hug

Amy recalled “My husband had taken me to every single one of them but he had a work function he couldn’t miss so Amy offered to take me, she decorated her van to go to my last hoorah. She called me and said, ‘I’m out in your driveway’ and when I opened my garage door, that’s what I found.” Her Cincinnati neighbors had lined the street, holding posters with words of support and love together with releasing balloons and confetti.

Speaking about organizing the event, Kiser said,”She’s so selfless and so sweet, I just wanted to make it a big deal for her, more than anything else, I wanted her to know, ‘You’ve done it, this day is here and now we’re going to put this part of our day behind us and move forward. Let’s just go and get this last one treatment and get you feeling better.'”

She also went on to commend Amy and explain what an incredible soldier she had been throughout the process saying,”I’ve complained more with just a cold, any time someone you love gets diagnosed with something, but especially cancer, you feel so afraid for them. But you see the way she fought through it and said, ‘No, I’m going to get through this and be ok,’ I’m just blessed by her. That’s the truth.”

parade- lining

Her neighbors counted the amount of treatments she had and released a balloon to mark each one of them, releasing them as a way of saying they are now being her. Amy said of the wonderful people around her “I got to go hug every single one of them,” she continued saying “I was just in shock. I was so surprised and I was so happy. It was the last one, and I just felt loved.”