5 Acts Of Kindness That Will Change Your Life Forever

Kindness, it seems like such an obvious thing and everyone believes they have this skill locked down. But in recent times, it’s a practice that has been taken for granted. Here are some of the acts of kindness we believe are essential in life.


This is number one on our list of acts of kindness, and for a good reason. Just the curve of one’s mouth, whether it be from your best friend, a family member or a stranger, can do wonders to your day. With every smile, the world gets a little brighter.

Eye Contact

kindness 2

Eyes are very important as far as the human connection is concerned. When two people lock eyes, there is a moment that adds a new dimension to the interaction. Nowadays, people walk around in public and just don’t look at each other anymore. So take a moment today to lock eyes with someone, and show them that you care.

Thank You

kindness 3

These two words of kindness can potentially be life-changing. If you want to show someone that you appreciate something they did for you, the words “thank you” can make such a huge difference. These words show that you respect the person you’re thanking, and makes them feel valued.

Acknowledging Someone’s Presence

kindness 4

Letting someone know that you are aware of them can be one of the ultimate gestures of kindness. Waving to a passerby, saying hi to a loved one via text or calling up a friend you haven’t spoken to can be so rewarding both for the recipient and for the giver.


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Praising someone is one the best gifts one can give. When we are given a compliment, whatever it may be, it is bound to make our day a whole lot better. So the next time you are with your friend, show them that there’s something about them that you like considerably. A moment of highly focused praise can go a long way.