6 Clothes Hacks Everyone Should Be Familiar With!

These 6 incredible hacks that just made our lives oh so easier, and we’re here to share them with you!

Shower Curtains On Hangers

Ever feel like your closet just keeps looking messier and messier? It seems as though no matter how many times we clean out our closet, or color coordinate, it doesn’t look any better. This is where attaching shower curtain rings to your hanger can help save a ton of space in your wardrobe!

An Elastic Band For Zip

Is it that time of the month? Or just the holidays taking a toll on your weight, and you find yourself having a hard time keeping that zipper shut? Fear no longer! Try this simple life hack that will have you cool, calm, and collective.


Unshrinking A Sweater

Don’t you hate when your favorite¬†cotton sweater somehow ends up in the wash, you accidentally shrink it, and then it’s never to be worn again? Well, those days are gone. In order to unshrink a cotton sweater, simply soak it in warm water and hair conditioner for about 10 minutes. What this does, is relax the clothing’s fibers and unshrink it. By the way, this works with T-shirts and jeans as well!

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Stretch Your Shoes Out

Those new shoes giving you blisters and absolutely killing your feet? We got just the right remedy for you! In order to avoid those scorching blisters, try wearing a pair of thick socks with those new shoes, and then try heating the tight spots with a blowdryer.


Permanent Marker For Bleach Stains

Got a bleach stain on your favorite blouse? Try this cheap and affordable way of getting rid of those annoying stains. Simply take a black thick sharpie and go over the stains. Not only is it easy, it only takes a matter of seconds!


Shaving Cream For Makeup Stains

On your way out of the house to that party, and then suddenly you realize you got some of your foundation on your shirt? Just cover the stain with some shaving cream, then take a toothbrush and simply brush it out until the stain is gone. The shaving cream contains cleaning agents that break through the stain before you wash it. This little trick does wonders!