Adopted Woman Reunites With Siblings At 66 Years Old


After taking a DNA test, a woman who was adopted as a child found out she has four siblings at 66 years of age. Naturally, the revelation completely changed her life and lots of things finally made sense to her.

Sylvia Kewer recently met her three brothers and sister for the first time. She was adopted when she was just four years old, oblivious to the possibility of having siblings elsewhere. “I feel like I’ve been born again,” she said. “I asked God for a small miracle and I got a big one.”

Kewer had been put up for adoption by her biological mother, Dorothy Mae Goode. Despite her biological father being black, she could never understand why she was so light-skinned when her adopted parents, Parker and Sophia Faison, were both African American.

“[Mom] didn’t have a lot of friends growing up and that’s because she was one of 12 blacks in an all-white high school,” her daughter Natalie said. “She had a lot of racism throughout her life. She always said to me she was not black enough, [and] she always had this question, ‘What am I?'”

siblings 3

Her life was turned upside after getting a DNA test with The results showed that she was, in fact, 72% European and 28% African.

Kewer then discovered that a man by the name of William Keith Ray had also taken the same test. After getting in touch with Ray, Kewer discovered that she was actually the man’s aunt. This meant that Ray’s father, Billy Lee, is Kewer’s brother.

“All the facts came together,” Ray said. “We compared notes. We knew it had to be my sister.” Ray was adopted at the much later age of 18. It didn’t take him long before he was brought back to his siblings, Curtis and Ralph, who each had different biological fathers.

siblings 4

Ray looked for his sister for years. “I’ve looked; I’ve exhausted every clue I’ve had and I was just about to give up,” He said. “I never expected news like that. 60-something years later, I’ve not given up and the news is just amazing.”