11-Year-Old Boy Offers Advice To Stressed Out Adults


Once a week since mid-October, 11-year-old Ciro Ortiz sets up a folding table at a New York Subway station and dishes out heartfelt advice to adults in need of a little TLC. For only $2 a session Ciro will give 5 minutes of “emotional advice” to anyone who needs some perspective. “I help people with their problems because, a lot of people, sometimes they feel sad or they feel angry for particular reasons,”

Ortiz told the Huffington Post in a recent interview with them. “Maybe they’re in a relationship or maybe they’re not getting along with their family, or maybe they’re just growing up and feeling nostalgic.” Let’s face it, the kids has a point. A few minutes talking to a kind stranger on your way to work seems like a much better idea than scrolling through your ex-boyfriends’ Instagram feed.

So where does a little boy get the knowledge and experience to advise others with their personal dramas? His own experience being bullied in school has given him wisdom beyond his years and his mom adds that he’s always been mature for his age. “Ciro is a phenomenal human being who is gaining fame just for having this big beautiful heart,” posted Jasmine Aequitas, Ortiz’s mother, on her Facebook page. And if you didn’t think he was special already the money that Ortiz collects for his services he uses to buy lunches for kids at school who can’t afford their own.

Despite his success as a “shrink” Ciro has no plans to go into the profession when he grows up. He’s more interested in developing the latest video games and seeing where that path takes him.

“The most rewarding part is actually making an impact on how people feel about themselves and other things,” Ortiz shared with the Huffington Post. “Just seeing the stands might give them hope for something, make them feel better about themselves and the world in general.” Young Ciro is making a difference one conversation at time and inspiring others to take a little time out of their daily lives to lend an ear to others.