Carrie Fisher’s Dog’s Twitter Account Posts Heartfelt Tributes


Two years ago, a dedicated Carrie Fisher fan realized that Carrie’s dog, Gary, did not have a Twitter account. The fan decided that it was time to make an account for Gary, and post cute tweets on his behalf. The account was lighthearted and a fun tribute to Gary. When Carrie Fisher passed away On December 27th, the account was an outlet for this dedicated fan in order to deal with the sadness that was brought upon him or her due to the heartbreaking news.

Since Tuesday, @Gary_TheDog has been tweeting tributes to Carrie, including photos that honor his former owner.

Gary shared a sweet moment with him and his mommy, taking a little nap on the couch together:

After it was revealed that Billie Lourd, Carrie’s daughter with Bryan Lourd, would be taking care of Gary from now on, he tweeted her a few words of advice:


When news broke that Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher’s mother, had passed away shortly after Carrie, Gary posted this heartbreaking throwback photo:


Many people find that humor helps with easing painful times, so Gary’s cute tweet about watching Carrie Fisher movies with other pups could certainly help cheer up some heartbroken fans:


Carrie Fisher was well known for her quirky and hilarious personality. Gary posted a bittersweet tweet about Debbie Reynold’s passing and how Carrie would probably react to it:


Gary’s original tweet with this photo said that he would wait for her as she went through difficult times at the hospital. He tweeted: “I’ll be waiting for you.” After she passed, he reposted the photo with a different caption:


Gary’s tweet about Carrie’s passing is truly heartbreaking:


Gary the Dog is not the only celebrity pet to have a social media account. Lady Gaga’s black French bulldog, Asia, has an Instagram account, @missasiakinney and has over 200,000 followers. Finn Seyfried is Amanda Seyfried’s dog Twitter account has accrued over 12,000 followers.