Coconut Oil Is The New “It Thing” You Gotta Have


You’ve probably heard about the buzz from your local pharmacy, lifestyle TV shows, seen it in your pantry, or heard about it from your next door neighbor. So did you know that it’s not only a substitute oil for cooking, but can be used as a beauty product too!

This wonder oil can be used for over 100 things, from moisturizing skin to removing makeup.

A few other ideas that will make you go nuts for coconut oil include the following:

1. Hair Mask

When coconut oil is heated, it melts. So when you’re in the shower, apply a generous amount of oil to your wet strands and twist your hair into a bun. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes and then rinse it all out. Hello moisture and shine!

2. Body Oil

Don’t just stop at the hair, coconut oil can moisturize your body too. Apply a quarter size amount to your body straight after a hot shower and the oil will sink into your warm skin. Use it as a lip balm too and keep your lips soft and hydrated.

3. Under-Eye Cream

Avoid fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles and just apply underneath your eyes by patting some coconut oil there. Warm the coconut oil between your fingers to warm it up and make it easier to apply.

4. Frizz Fighter

Apply a pea size amount of the oil to the bottom couple of inches of your hair and protect yourself from all day frizz. For thicker coarse-haired girls, apply the oil from the middle shaft for an added control over the frizz.

5. Makeup Remover

Take off a day’s worth of makeup with just a teaspoon of this magic oil. Massage the warmed oil straight onto your skin and watch the makeup melt away. Thereafter, simply rinse with warm water and voila!

6. Shaving Cream

Run out of shaving cream? Your new hero coconut oil is ready to save the day. Simply warm the jar under warm water and smooth onto legs. Begin shaving and see how your razor just glides. PLUS you keep your legs moisturized at the same time. Don’t shave in the shower as it could get slippery.


And there you have it, just a few useful beauty tips with thanks to our new fav, coconut oil!