Elderly Couple Marry After Meeting In Their Retirement Home


Love has no limits, and this couple proved exactly that when they married in their old age. Most couples in retirement homes usually come together having been married for years but Robert Holler, 84 and Doris Ladner, 89 defied stereotypes and fell in love after meeting in their care home. The Mississippi couple met at the Woodland Village Nursing Center in Diamondhead, falling in love the moment they laid eyes on each other.

Robert was living at the retirement home prior to Doris’ arrival and when she registered, his life was lit up. Since then, Doris and Robert are regularly seen holding hands around the home, playing board games together with Robert going the extra mile and bring Doris her morning coffee, every day. The couples display of love has warmed the heart of many of the staff there who are inspired by their connection.

old marriage- hands

The old fashioned mindset of the couple manifested itself through their decision to cement their relationship and get married. Despite it being somewhat unconventional to marry so late in life, the determination of the couple was so heart warming that the retirement home agreed to put on an official marriage ceremony for the duo. The two have been married previously, Holler twice and Ladner once, so they are both no strangers to marriage.

Living in such close quarters, it is common for many elderly people to fall fond of one another but Woodland Village Nursing Center administrator, Holly Ford, said that it was the first wedding they had held at the centre between two of their residents and that it was a “beautiful irony of the situation.” On April 22nd, Robert and Doris were married in a ceremony officiated by Father Paddy Mockler and attended by both of their family and friends, together with the residents and staff at Woodland Village.

old marriage- audience

Many congratulations to the happy couple and wishing them many years of love and health ahead.