Girlfriends And Boyfriends Get Revenge On Cheating Partners

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Of course, each relationship is totally different from the next, however, in every exclusive relationship, we make that promise to remain loyal to our partner, even when we get mad or bored of them. In those cases, we need to pluck up the courage and break it off officially or make an effort to make it work. Obviously, these people had something else in mind and might not have realized that they are in fact dating someone who has a lot of potentials to be violent, mean, or even very smart in getting revenge back on their cheating and unfaithful spouses.

Hell hath no fury like a scorned lover, so if you cheat, just be aware that there are people in this world that are going to make you pay! They will do whatever it takes to feel satisfied. These lovers take it to where the heart runs deep, as well as your wallet. They vandalize the expensive property of their spouses, publicly embarrass and humiliate them and serve them revenge served on a silver platter. We doubt these partners will ever even think of someone else, let alone cheat again, on whoever they are with. Whether it’s finding out from a friend or finding out firsthand, it will always suck to find your partner with someone else, no matter who they are with, where and why.

Sometimes the risk is not worth it, when your crazy spouse is spray-painting your Land Rover with red paint; that will cost you a fortune to remove and also grant you the public ‘walk of shame’ when everyone sees your pimped up ride. Some of these spouses got even more creative with their ideas of revenge and public shame… Here are some of the internet’s best photos of revenge on cheating partners.