Grandmother Makes Wrong Turn, Accidentally Drives 300 Miles To Another Country


There really is not anything like taking a road trip. The long, scenic drives, accompanied by your favorite music, snacks, and your friends, could truly spell out a fantastic way to spend a weekend. Alternatively, a mistake on the road that turns a short drive into an accidental road trip is a whole other matter. That’s exactly what happened to one 83-year-old grandmother.

Valerie Johnson was on her way to a doctor’s appointment in Worcester, England, that was only meant to be a 10 minute drive away, but the 83 year old found herself in Scotland 8 hours later. She initially missed a turn due to some roadwork, and apparently just kept on driving for hours and hours. Once she reached Scotland, Johnson was forced to come to a stop due to the fact that she then ran out of fuel. She was gone for so long that her family began to worry about her, and her 49 years old daughter Karen Maskell called the police and reported her missing.

Maskell shared that: “Mom’s next-door neighbor called me to say she hadn’t come back and he was worried. I thought she must have had an ­accident. We called the police and by the time I got to her house, they said they had spotted her car on a traffic camera at Preston at 11pm. I said it couldn’t be my mum because she hates driving, she doesn’t usually drive more than three miles. But it was her and she was still heading north and we had to get the Scottish police involved.”

After figuring things our, Maskell immediately booked a flight to Scotland to pick up her mother, who was waiting for her daughter with a kind local couple that took her in after seeing her stranded on the side of the road.

Local authorities shared that, “The local couple very kindly looked after the woman, ensuring that she was comfortable until her relatives arrived from England to collect her.”

Luckily Ms. Johnson is now home safe, and hopefully she can reschedule that missed doctor’s appointment!