Heroic 12-Year Old Saves Little Sister From Carjacker


When someone is trying to steal your car, the last person you expect to save the day is your older sister. But the unlikely became reality when Maddie Weiler did the most heroic thing, coming to the rescue of her little sister.

In an act of sheer heroism, the 12-year old girl save her seven-year old sister, Molly Weiler, after a man tried to break into their car. Maddie and her family were going to Busch Gardens theme park for the weekend.

While driving, the Weilers noticed a car accident and Maddie’s mother, Brandie, pulled over to check on the victims. However, after dialing 911, a man unlocked the door and got into the driver’s seat.

Attacker Paul Salsman obviously shocked the sisters, who broke into their car. In the heat of the moment, Maddie swiftly put the car into drive mode in order to prevent it from starting. She followed this with a series of punches on Salsman and screamed as loud as she could. This act of desperation gave her little sister enough time to exit the vehicle and get to safety.

“I just went for it,” she said. “Nothing passed my mind except, ‘He is a psycho and he needs to get out of the car’.”

Busch Gardens

Maddie told Fox News that a hobby of hers is riding horses, and attributed this hobby to her heroic decision. She said, “Mama, if I can control a 1,500-pound animal, then I was sure going to try to take care of him.”

According to reports, 21-year-old Salsman already tried to steal two cars before finally being arrested. He has been charged with felony carjacking, hit and run and driving under the influence.

Despite Maddie’s bravery, her parents have always warned her and Molly not to act vigilantly if such an incident were to happen. But although she fractured her wrist, Maddie was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for her family’s wellbeing.