How This Bride Went The Extra Mile To Ensure Her Sick Dad Was At Her Wedding


When doctors approached Vieneese Stanton about her ailing father, the news they gave her was dire. Her father, Preston Rolan, who had cancer was beginning to decline even more rapidly than they had thought.

When doctors began talking to her about where he wanted to die, she knew she had to move her wedding forward to make sure that he could attend. There was more, however.

Stanton also decided to hold the wedding ceremony in the hospital, as it would be easier on her father who had been diagnosed with blood cancer. Stanton told The Daily Mail, after the conversation with the doctors, “With that conversation being necessary, I talked to my fiancé and said, “We’ve got to make some changes.”

With the help of over 150 nurses who work at University of California San Francisco Medical Center, Stanton and her fiancé were able to plan a meaningful ceremony in the hospital, which was made even more poignant by her father’s attendance.

Stanton shared that everyone on staff pitched in to make the place special for her and her father. She said some nurses went out in search of silk flowers in order to decorate the halls and the cafeteria since the hospital can’t risk infection by bringing in real flower arrangements.

Stanton told reporters that even the chefs and chaplains banded together to turn the hospital into a proper wedding hall.

Rolan himself was beyond happy to have the chance to see his daughter in her wedding dress as she walks down the aisle. For Stanton, the best part was getting to take in her father’s reaction when he first saw her in her dress.

Stanton and her new husband are expecting her first child in March, and have mentioned that her father has not stopped talking about the baby for even a minute.