Indian Diamond Millionaire Throws Massive Wedding For Hundreds Of Fatherless Brides

On December 25th, Mahesh Savani, a giant player in the Indian diamond industry, took charity to the next level by making these 236 fatherless brides dream come true by throwing a mass wedding for them, all on his tab. However, this isn’t the first time Savani has pulled off something like this.

Since 2008, Savani has paid for the weddings of over 700 brides who have lost their fathers. In addition to the actual ceremony, Savani brought gifts of gold and furniture for each bride totaling a whopping 500,000 rupees each, which is roughly $7,330.

The ancient Indian marriage ritual of Kanyadaan is one in which the father of the bride gives her away to the groom along with a large sum of money. Many young women from impoverished communities are deprived of this tradition due to the fact that they can’t afford it because they’ve lost their fathers who are usually the providers of the family.

Thankfully, Mahesh Savani came to the rescue of these brides in need and fulfilled their dreams of a lavish wedding complete with a Kanyadaan. The women who received the help of Mahesh Savani said they saw him as the father figure they never had. The mass wedding took place under the stars in lavish white tents in the center of Surat, Gujarat.


Of the grooms who were married at the ceremony, two of them were Savani’s own sons! The diamond tycoon, who accumulated his fortune with his work in the diamond polishing industry in Surat, said that he believes what he does for these brides is a “blessing from God”. Savani was quoted saying “With Sunday’s mass wedding, I have become a proud father to have performed the kanyadaan of over 700 girls.” Along with the brides and grooms, there were thousands of attendees at the ceremony and video footage was captured of it all by a helicopter from a local TV station. It’s safe to say this day was nothing short of spectacular for everyone involved.