Little Boy Comes To The Rescue When His Cousin Is Dateless For Prom


Haleigh Wiley was excited to got to her high school prom, that is until a major blowout with her boyfriend that left her without a date. Stuck on the big night with no alternative, Haleigh was devastated.  With her tickets purchased, her dress waiting in the closet and her expectant friends waiting she didn’t know what to do. On the eve of the biggest event in her high school career an unexpected hero emerged and saved the day.

Haleigh’s five year old cousin Bentley volunteered to be her date! One of Wiley’s family members shared with KATV that Bentley was quick to jump in, “I will take you to prom, I can do it, I’m a big boy!” Bentley said at the time.

prom- couple

The two are incredibly close and although she was hesitant at first, Haleigh quickly changed her mind and got on board with the idea. “That’s my baby, I love him so much! I don’t have any brothers, so he is like a little brother to me! He brings me so much joy,” Haleigh says. Haleigh, dressed in her beautiful gown and Bentley in an adorable suit complete with bow-tie even posed for prom photos together. “Everyone thought he was the cutest prom date ever, the way he stole the show,” Haleigh shared with reporters. “He was very brave!”


This Prescott, Arkansas high school student and her date really did make prom memorable for the whole class. Bentley stayed true to his word and escorted his beautiful cousin all night, the pair even walked the red carpet together. Haleigh’s classmates appreciated this five year old’s heartwarming gesture almost as much as his cousin did and had fun with the special pair all night long.