Londoners Send Christmas Message to Syrian Refugees


For most people, Christmas is all about the gifts, parties, and food. For these Londoners Christmas had a whole different meaning. They took the time to portray their heartfelt messages to Syrian refugees in England or those on the way to the country.

Filmmakers from Shape History, which is a creative agency, approached locals in London to ask them if there was anything they wanted to say to the Syrian refugees.  The messages were controversial, some wished them well, some apologized for the actions of world leaders, and some even delivered their Christmas message in Arabic. One woman even mentioned her grief claiming “There are a lot of people here that want them here and far away from everything like that.”

After everything these refugees went through, all the blood and pain, the agency believed that this simple gesture to the millions of refugees is the least they could do.  Turns out, this video was, in fact, anything but a genuine gesture, rather a social experiment that put Londoners face-to-face with Byan, a Syrian refugee, who was nearby listening closely to the responses through a pair of headphones.

Bayan fled Syria in 2011 and made his way to London after 48 agonizing hours spent in a cardboard box on the back of a truck that traveled through Jordan.  “When he finally reached Germany, he was split off from a group of his friends and traveled onwards to France where the same also happened there,” said a fellow spokesperson.

Recent events in Aleppo has captured worldwide attention to the violence and suffering in Syria but nothing compares to actually meeting someone who witnessed the horrific events up front.

Towards the end of the video, one of the greeters meets Bayan face to face and gets teary eyed and extremely emotional. This heart-warming video will without a doubt give you the Christmas Joy.