Police Officer Helps Shoplifting Girl Instead Of Punishing Her


When the Atlanta police department received a call reporting a shoplifter, their response came in the form of compassionate help, rather than prosecuting the person in question.

The police reported that they had been contacted by the local Family Dollar store who had held a 12-year-old girl trying to smuggle a pair of $2 shoes out of the store. Officer Milton was the officer on duty and upon his arrival at the store to deal with the criminal act he was surprised to find out the truth behind the intent to take the shoes.

As Officer Milton began to question the young girl and it came to light that she was trying to find a pair of shoes for her five-year-old sister who was in need. The toddler apparently needed new shoes for her growing feet but her family were below the poverty line and they simply could not afford them.

Upon hearing the unfortunate news, Officer Milton took the girl in his car back to her house and then proceeded to meet with the underprivileged family. The 12-year-old turned out to be the eldest of four children with the youngest a newborn. As a result, the eldest child acted as a caregiver to her siblings in order to help her parents.


After taking all of this in, Officer Milton then went and looked around the house and noticed there were not enough beds for the family of six. The girl’s mother told the officer that she was a stay-at-home mom as they could not afford daycare for their young children and despite her husband having a job, his income was not enough to support them. Milton became saddened and felt a duty to help the unfortunate family. He took it upon himself to pick up pizza’s and drinks for the family, and hand deliver them to the family home.

police- fb post

Although Officer Milton did not want recognition or reward for his kindness and altruism, his police department commended his actions and used him as an example to others. Upon the story being leaked to the press, the police department then set up a Facebook page for the family, giving others in the Atlanta area an opportunity to give back.