Real Estate Developer Pays It Forward With Small Acts Of Kindness

A real estate developer is looking to improve his community by giving $100 bills to random passersby. He believes that small acts of kindness like these will change everything. But he expects recipients to return the favor.

Jeff Buell works in real estate, but at heart, he considers himself to be a people person. He’s the kind of guy who is interested in helping the community and making people’s lives better.

After renovating buildings and rebuilding neighborhoods, Jeff earned all the money he ever needed. As a result, he has taken $50,000 and is now giving away $100 here, $100 there to random strangers. The reason is purely for the sake of kindness.

But there is a whole initiative at play here. Jeff launched Do The Next Good Thing on the website Two Buttons Deep. All Jeff does is walk around town, stop people whilst they’re walking, has some small talk with them and then gives them a $100 bill. While this is happening, Two Buttons Deep’s producer Jack Carpenter is behind the camera, filming the encounters.

kindness 2

However, Jeff’s $100 handouts ironically, come at a price. All he is asking is for the recipients to, for lack of a better term, “pay it forward.”

And this can be manifested in any way one sees fit, as long it constitutes as an act of kindness. This could be anything from a hug to some food. It could even be some highly concentrated words of praise. It’s that simple!

Jeff’s initiative didn’t come without the most heartbreaking of motivations. A couple of years ago, his sister Laurie passed away after suffering from a long-term illness. Naturally devastated, Jeff wasn’t sure how he would overcome such tremendous grief.

But the lesson that Laurie taught him long ago set things into motion: live every day like it’s your last. Therefore, Jeff started to treat things that way.

kindness 1

Jeff wants as many people as possible to know about his acts of kindness. And so far, the video on Two Buttons Deep has received almost 10,000 views.