Singer Connects With 4 Year Old Also Suffering From Alopecia

Keya Trammell is a singer from Illinois who was performing at a local festival, when she saw a young girl in the audience who she suspected had alopecia, as Trammell suffers from the same condition. As she finished the closing notes of the bouncy song, “Next to Blow,” she decided to follow it up with a few inspirational words to the audience.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that affects the hair follicle, causing hair loss in those who are afflicted by it. For some, hair loss is patchy, and may grow back, but for others, like Keya Trammell, it can result in complete baldness.

So when she saw a small, hairless head in the crowd of listeners, she had an inkling that it might belong to someone else with the same condition. Trammell was moved to share a bit of her experience with the crowd.

“I began to take my hat off onstage and I speak about me having alopecia and how having alopecia made me feel doubt,” Trammell told ABC news. “I said, ‘If I can’t grow hair then how can I create the things that I want in life?'”

Trammell’s struggles really touched the 4 year old girl’s mother, Robyne Glass, given that her daughter also has alopecia. Glass recalled of the performance, “It was just a very inspirational moment for me and Zion. That was an experience I will never forget.”

She continued, “I was overjoyed just to see someone else that has been where my daughter is going to go and to have another female — especially another Christian female — that I can reach out to and that she can reach out to that just made my day.”

Glass went to meet Trammell with her daughter Zion in tow, to thank her for her encouraging words. Trammell was also overcome with emotion, citing her own experiences growing up with the disease and not knowing anyone else who had it.

“For her to look at me that way was an honor. It makes me want to fight for awareness for alopecia and also create opportunities for people with alopecia concerning confidence and beauty,” Trammell shared. The photo of the two of them together quickly went viral, earning over 14k likes on Instagram.