Soldier Mom Dresses Up As School Mascot To Surprise Her Kids


Returning Fort Hood, soldier Sgt. Lacey Poltoratskiy wanted to surprise her children at their school and the emotional reunion brought tears to many. Poltoratskiy’s kindergartener Daxton Hunter was told that there was a special guest speaker coming to Hewitt Elementary School, but he never imagined who it would be.

Poltoratskiy recalled, “I started crying before we even walked down the hall in anticipation, I was trying to keep myself together so I wouldn’t walk in the classroom bawling in front of a bunch of kindergarteners. All the kids were sitting on the carpet and their heads turned and I heard him yell, ‘Mommy!’ as soon as I walked in there. Being able to finally hug on him was wonderful. He was crying.”

Tears were streaming down little Jaxon’s face when he ran into the arms of his mother.


Following the first reveal, Poltoratskiy went to surprise her seventh-grade daughter JaiceyBelle Hunter, dressed up at the school’s mascot at Midway Middle School.

The soldier explained, “I was already crying in the mask, Jaicey Belle likes the flair and the drama. I was excited because I knew the big surprise would resonate well. They arranged her to stand next to me and I reached over and started poking on her and messing with her because I couldn’t not with her that close.”

The emotional reunion was specifically poignant because Lacey and fellow solider husband Pavel Poltoratskiy were both home from their nine-month deployment in Kuwait.

The family get to spend a very special Thanksgiving together, something they are all eagerly anticipating.

Lacey added,”My sisters have already started the group chat about Thanksgiving dinner and decided which dish I’d be making. I didn’t remind them I have nothing in my fridge, my husband and I, we do jigsaw puzzles. The kids picked one out and told us they want to do a puzzle with us.”


As for family activities, the family noted, “This weekend we’re going to the Baylor football game. The kids have got it all figured out what they want to do with us.”