Generous Couple Pay For Veteran’s Meal After His Return From Afghanistan


Army Spec. Scott Stranne and his group of 20 friends would get together every Thursday, where they would ride their motorcycles and have a catch-up. They have stuck to this gathering like clockwork ever since the group started two years ago, up until Stranne was deployed for his first tour in Afghanistan in March.

The group continued without Stranne but made sure to try and include him by calling him on Facebook chat.

His friend, Kyle Davis, explained, “Him being one of the main people in the group and leaving — it was pretty hard,” but made sure to call him on Thursdays even though “He was in very, very, very dangerous areas.”

Davis also broke the news to Stranne that on the same day that he arrived in Afghanistan, a close friend of theirs from the group had died in an accident.

“That was heartbreaking. I was concerned about coming back to less people,” Stranne described of their loss. “We definitely miss Chris. He was a fantastic guy.”

Stranne returned home in November, however, and he was determined to pick up right where he left off in his friend’s honor.

Together, the group met at their spot – their spot was Applebee’s in Lacey, Washington and after a ride, they went to grab a bite to eat. “It was like a welcome home thing, so I could see everyone,” Stranne told CBS News. “Some new people in the group asked me about Afghanistan.”


The group was then interrupted by their waiter, who asked to speak with the “returning soldier from Afghanistan.” It was assumed at first that the united group would be told to possibly quiet down, but they were mistaken.

“We were all just hanging out, trying to keep quiet and keep it down. We were having a good time,” Davis said. “There was a couple sitting right behind us.” It was this couple that had decided to cover the bill for Stranne and his friends. “This couple wanted to anonymously donate $300 toward your meal,” the waiter explained. “Right now, it’s $260.”


After a difficult seven months for the group of friends, Stranne said he ‘got chills; it was just awesome’ for the couples generosity. Now, Stranne wants to thank them personally, and has posted a photo on Facebook to help try and find the generous couple.

“We would like to give them as much thanks as we possibly can,” Davis added. “There’s not a whole lot of support out there. To see that was just absolutely amazing.”